Older PHP versions are no longer supported

Your Contao installation needs an update!

Update to new PHP versions – providers “threaten” with shutdown

Various providers are currently informing their customers and announce that they will no longer support older versions of PHP in the future for security reasons.

This makes sense in many ways: the performance of higher PHP versions is significantly better, which directly affects the speed of web applications and the performance of scripting partially doubled.

More importantly, upgrading to a newer version of PHP will close security holes. These vulnerabilities allow attackers to hack your website or online store, copy and manipulate data, or even disable entire Internet presence. In many cases, sensitive customer data is also stolen, which leads to a serious data protection violation and in addition to a large loss of trust in your customers.

Update CMS Contao

Contao is currently available in version 4.5.x, but is still used to a great extent in the older 3.x version. In some cases even actively operated in a 2.x version.

In principle, we advise you to keep the performance and functionality of the CMS up-to-date with Contao by means of regular updates and by installing updates close.

Diese Aktualisierungen werden oft vernachlässigt bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, da eine PHP‐Umstellungen angekündigt wird und für die Betreiber der Internetpräsenz mehr als lästige Drohung verstanden wird anstatt als sinnvolle und notwendige Maßnahme, die es auch ist.

We will assist you with the analysis of your Contao website and advise you on the necessary measures, the possibilities in connection with the technical conditions of your provider and offer you solutions how to bring your system up to date. In doing so, we look for a solution that is as economical as possible for you, which keeps costs and benefits in balance.

Procedure and method of operation

The first step is an analysis of the current state. For this, we check your installed Contao installation for the version used and the extensions used, as well as individual customizations included and check these on compatibilities as far as possible. After this step, an initial assessment of the necessary measures and a recommendation for the further course of action will follow. The next step in updating the system, by default, is to make a complete backup of your file system and the federated database, and then perform updates and adjustments in a parallel installation in a test environment. Only after it is ensured that the updated version of the website is functional, it will be activated in the.

Legal information (privacy, imprint), search engine friendliness, responsiveness

As the Internet presences, which currently require action, are usually several years old, we also check the timeliness and customization requirements with regard to data protection regulations, SEO optimization and also mobile friendliness.


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