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E-mail archiving with MailStore

mailstore_server_softwareMailStore Server, the leading and certified e-mail archive for small and medium-sized enterprises, increases the security and availability of all e-mails in the company over the long term. MailStore Server keeps all e-mails in a central archive secure and secure. In this case, MailStore Server combines a powerful and excellent technology with simple operation and low costs. Through low system requirements, MailStore Server has established itself as one of the leading e-mail archiving solutions for companies. The use of MailStore reduces the load on the e-mail server dramatically and significantly reduces the duration of backups.

Companies are legally obliged to keep all relevant e-mails for up to ten years in full and to be able to keep them at any time by machine. In addition, it must be ensured that the data can not be subsequently manipulated. Countless large companies, ministries, city administrations and universities already rely on MailStore Server.

The legislature has ascribed the same legal significance to the e-mail as documents in paper form. This applies to all commercial and business letters as well as to all documents with relevant tax-relevant contents. The necessity for e-mail archiving results, among other things, from the provisions of the Commercial and Tax Law on the regularity of accounting (§§ 238 ff. And § 257 HGB as well as §§ 140 ff. AO), the principles of proper data processing Accounting systems (GoBS) and the principles of data access and auditing of digital documents (GDPdU).mailstore_software_kl



Benefits of MailStore
What are the advantages of MailStore Server?

· Unload mail servers
· Configure rights allocation
· Audit-proof and legal archiving
· Simplify protection against data loss, data backup and recovery
· Independence of file formats (eg. PST format)
· Quick, intuitive search for all users
· Reduce storage and administration costs
· Web access via browser (via client or Outlook add-in)



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