Video Animations & Explained Films

Get more potential customers with explanatory films

With a short explanatory film, the advantages of a company and its products can be presented with an interesting and humorous story.

The creation of explanatory films offers many advantages to our customers. Studies show that explanatory videos are usually viewed until the end and that the content stays better in memory of the the customer’s.

We create your video and integrate it on your website and in your social media networks like Youtube, Facebook etc. In addition, we support you in marketing on the Internet. For example Google.

Basically, we offer the implementation of two different types of explanatory videos.

Whiteboard animation
The simple variant are whiteboard animations. Also called wrist animation. Images, texts and graphics are pushed through the picture, painted, erased or removed. The individual objects are not animated.

The more elaborate variant are the cartoons. Here are people, backgrounds and objects animated, like in a cartoon. We use pre-made templates that are purchased therefore. These are very extensive and can be customized very individually.



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