Hosting & Domains

An individual hosting package?

Individual hosting with only what is actually needed,

Memory (webspace for websites)

Domains and e-mail mailboxes, databases

CMS (content management systems) or e-shops

SSL encryption (encryption of web pages)

Web server (root or VServer) or mail server (MailXchange)

a dedicated cloud for external backups, or SaaS (Software as a Service)

you can get from us.

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“We bring your web page into the Internet:
We take care of all matters about the hosting!
from simple web storage via domains, databases
to fully virtualized solutions with load balancers,
backup solutions and everything you need.“

Our individual hosting packages
TMC Home 5,99 EUR per month *
TMC Small Business 8,99 EUR monthly *
TMC Business 13,39 EUR per month *
* incl. 19% VAT. Billing by annual statement for 12 months.



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