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04.04.2019 – Raffle 2019

There will be a raffle again this year. This runs until 30.09.2019. We are happy about all participants and wish them all good luck.

TMC Verlosung


15.02.2019 – Updating Contao installations due to older PHP versions

PHPMany providers are already threatening to switch off older versions of PHP. Individual websites, shops and content management systems like Contao, WordPress and many more are affected. To ensure efficiency and future functionality, as well as to avoid security gaps, we recommend to install regular updates.


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23.01.2019 – Action with 5% discount on products and services also in 2019

With the “high five” campaign, TMC SOLUTION customers will once again receive a 5% discount on all products and services until 31.12.2019.
TMC Aktion high five

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