SEA with Google Adwords

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising with Google AdWords
Market your products or services at the top of Google. With Google AdWords, you can show your potential new customers exactly what they’re looking for. Take advantage of a great reach across the entire Google network and all Google partner networks.

Google AdWords consists of different advertising platforms for text ads, banner ads, youtube videos and Google Shopping (soon GMAIL ADDS). The ads are distributed throughout the Google search network and partner networks. One click is charged per click, which is billed at the advertiser. Keywords have different click rates (CPCs), depending on how high the general interest or awareness is. In addition to the billing method CPC, there are other methods.

No scattering losses due to precise targets
The Google AdWords system provides you with numerous ways to tailor your campaign exactly to your target group. This means that scattering losses are not possible at all.

“How well do you know your target group?“

Before a Google AdWords campaign is shown, the campaign targets that are created are kept in detail. Decisive are good keywords with a high search volume.

“Do you know the language of your target group?“

Geo-specific terms / keywords are selected, but they are not searched by the target group on Google. Here, the precise analysis of your keywords, website content / landingspages and external factors such as, Competitors for example.

We create a search engine concept for the Google AdWords advertising network and show you the first opportunities for successful marketing.

Very important – measurability
Your campaign is measurable. You will be given metrics to help you control the progress of your campaign every day. Get important information about your target audience and use it directly for your campaign. Campaign development is monitored by us. You will receive detailed reporting by providing all relevant information about your goals.

Opportunities and Opportunities with Google AdWords
The advertising network offers you a detailed planning. This planning includes, a. Click pricing for keywords, relevance to your web shop or website, ad text and keywords, and well-crafted ad text that includes relevant information in a campaign. With a detailed campaign planning and good marketing understanding, you will be able to record success in the short term. You are only talking to interested parties, so use the possibilities and expand your campaigns on youtube or other platforms on the Internet.

We optimize your ads and increase your click-through rate with ad extensions
The ad extensions give your Google AdWords ad more information, such as links, phone number, website, callouts, or the link to your Google+ page.

Google AdWords is one of the best ways to increase sales in a short time and generate new customers.

Plan with us your first campaign.

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